Earn lifetime customers for your

One powerful platform to understand, engage, and activate your customers

Identify your most valuable customers

Discover the customers who spend, visit and promote your business more than everyone else

Deliver highly personalized loyalty campaigns

Launch contextual loyalty campaigns that work automatically on top of card payments

Increase in-store visits & spending

Encourage customers to visit more often with smart rewards unlocked through their payment cards.

Win back lost & at-risk customers

Find out when customers have stopped coming to your store and win them back with personalized incentives

Use purchase history to identify your most
passionate customers

We automatically track the loyalty of people in London

Customers connect their payment cards to get rewards for their loyalty to your business. Based on their past purchases we calculate how loyal they are to your business. 

Users connect payment cards

We calculate loyalty score

Deliver personalized loyalty campaigns
on top of payment cards

Powerful campaigns
without an army of experts

We analyze customers behavior and translate it into easily-customizable and actionable loyalty campaigns that you can launch in minutes

Users get rewarded automatically

Your customer’s payment card turns into a loyalty card and their rewards are redeemed automatically.

Build an army of passionate customers​​

Deliver memorable moments through personalized rewards that happen automatically

Find out how many loyal customers
you have in London