Help improve people’s lifestyle with more value for money.

Working at Reloyalty

Most of our lives are lived in our cities where we shop, drink our morning coffees and meet friends for dinner. We chose the places we love based on our individual lifestyles. We go often, recommend to friends and become loyal to. Each one of us is different for the places we love yet are treated the same.

We personalize every purchase for each individual lifestyle, so people earn more and rewarded by visiting the places they love. We are building the loyalty engine on top of our every day transactions to make our lifestyle more engaging and change the way we experience cities completely

Join our multitalented and diverse team to Rethink the value of our local lifestyle in the way you and all of us want it.

At Reloyalty we reimagined that.

Open positions

Java Engineer – Infrastructure & Core Technology

Java Engineer – Product & Business Features

Our Core Values

These are some of the values we live by, as a company and we work by them.

We learn constantly

We embrace the adventure

We succeed with courage

We are a network


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Reward loyal customers


Analyse your audience


Analyse your audience