Reward your London lifestyle

Earn cash rewards from the places you love


Connect your card

Link your card and see the offers available for you


Spend at favorite places

We automatically track your loyalty and help brands recognize it


Get cash rewards

Once you unlock a reward we deposit it to your bank account

Get recognized as a loyal customer

We help you get recognised as a loyal customer by the brands and places already  you love for the things you already do.


Just pay with your card. No stamp cards, no QR codes

Forget about stamp cards (at least one more time). Reloyalty works automatically without any additional steps at checkout.

Exclusive offers tailored to your lifestyle

Level-up your status as a customer and receive exclusive deals overtime that are personalized to your taste.


Your money is secure and managed only by your bank

We only have access to your data in read-only mode, while your bank handle the money. Reloyalty is built with bank level security.

Become an early adopter

Be one of the first to try Reloyalty in our close launch.