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Your lifestyle, rewarded

Get rewarded automatically for staying loyal to local businesses in London

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Pay with card & unlock rewards

Automatically collect the perks you deserve as a customer by paying with a debit or credit card

Link to bank

Securely link your bank app with Reloyalty and find out where you are most loyal in the city

Spend with your card

Simply pay with your connected card and you will automatically participate in campaigns

Unlock rewards

Every time you complete a campaign, you will automatically unlock the reward

Develop relationships
with local brands

Keep track of your relationships with businesses in the city in the form of a dynamic loyalty rating, based your shared history and frequency of visits.

Rewards adapt to your loyalty rating

Your loyalty rating determines what kind of perks you can unlock, the higher it is the more personal and exclusive they will become.

Feel appreciated
at the places you love

You will finally get the recognition you deserve as a long time customer, without having to ask for it.

It's secure & private​

We put your privacy & the security of your data above everything and we’ve invested heavily in improving it overtime


We do not share any personally identifiable information to any third party.


Our app is secured with 256-bit encryption to ensure your information is protected.

Read-only access

When you connect your bank to Reloyalty, you give read-only access to transactional data, we can’t make payments on your behalf.

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